Product Engineering

- Project design for parameterization;
- Development and detailing 2D / 3D parts and assemblies in MBD (Model Based Definition), FT & A (Functional Tolerancing & Annotation) and GD & T (Geometric - Dimensioning and Tolerancing);
- Approval and release for technical documentation in the database;
- Analyze and simplify the product structure;
- Feasibility study and continuous improvement;
- Prototyping.
- Development of suppliers.
- Monitoring of field validation tests.
- Technical Documentation Development required by the FAA.
- Developing control devices for mounting the fuselage.
- Software used: Catia V5, 3DCOM, SDE, IGE-XAO, VPM.

- Development Electrical Installations, routing, definition of fasteners, application intelligence in connectors and electrical equipment.
- Hardware Integration Project, technical documentation in electronic design, definition of product structure.
- Development and preparation of 2D drawings of cabling and electronics.
- Developing wiring installations in EHI module, ELB, EHF, creating components with electric intelligence, suportagem and fixing wiring.

voltar para Aviation

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