Who We Are



Founded in 2011 with headquarter in Curitiba TECHSOLUTION aims to offer global solutions in product engineering, process and management working in industrial segments Aeronautical, Agriculture, Automotive, Trucks and Naval using the best market resources

The UNITS of TECHSOLUTION are located in Curitiba, São José dos Campos and Sorocaba.



The ACTION in CLIENT is strongly based on management by results indicators of control and achievement of the best services in the areas of product development and processes, from design to detailing and release of technical documentation in general, involving Manufacturing, Quality and Logistics.

The TECHSOLUTION performs INTERNALLY feasibility studies of product designs and processes, including simulation and analysis, providing technical documentation in general.



The RECOGNITION of EMPLOYEES of the company.

The Commitments to Sustainability of the company.

MANAGEMENT for RESULTS in the developed projects.

The INTEGRATION globalized with the  CLIENT.



Providing the BEST marketing solutions operating in a global way in product engineering, process management and employing the best resources HUMAN and COMPUTER.



It is RECOGNIZED globally as reference company in the BEST solutions for ENGINEERING product, process and management in different industrial markets.


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